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CBS Interactive Inc.

TV Guide is a long-standing household brand in the US. As smartphone and tablet app, the guide from CBS has seen continued success with over two million unique users per month. Massive was tasked with surfacing and facilitating content discovery throughout the app to enable users to ‘find’ more great shows to watch, keep up with their favourites, and showcase some of the great exclusive content produced by CBS.

We worked with TV Guide to launch an app for the Apple Watch to keep users notified of their upcoming favourite shows and empowering them to perform key actions quickly and easily. We also looked at introducing additional ad formats and sponsorship opportunities within the current TV Guide App to create additional revenue opportunities and exposure for advertisers, without compromising the user experience and the balance of discovery vs utility within the app.

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It has been widely reported by the likes of USA Today and TIME as a must-have download for your smartphone and tablet, and that feeling only really increases when you factor in the at a glance accessibility of the Apple Watch.

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