Channel 5 My5


Channel 5 launched as Britain’s fifth public service channel in March 1997. Over the past four years Massive AXIS enabled the network to launch on more devices than any other commercial broadcaster in the UK.

Deployed on the Massive AXIS platform, My5 is the brand new service from Channel 5, delivering shows from Channel 5, 5STAR, 5USA and Spike as well as My5 exclusive shows, content extras and box sets. My5 replaces the Demand 5 apps on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and desktop. The service will be launching on other devices and platforms.

Key Services

Systems Integration

Experience Design

Software Engineering

Platform Operations


Android Tablet & Mobile
iOS Mobile & Tablet


My5 is the result of a strong vision and serious dedication from Channel 5. We share a long heritage of accomplishments with the Channel 5 team and it is fulfilling to be part of another milestone launch on the new Massive AXIS platform. I’m already a My5 fan and look forward to positive feedback from other end users.

Ron Downey, CEO at Massive