Crave TV


CraveTV™ is Canada’s premium subscription video on demand streaming service offering over 10,000 hours of high-quality content from Bell Media. It delivers the country’s most-watched and most-acclaimed television programming across the pay, specialty, and network TV landscapes.

Developed to directly compete with Netflix, CraveTV is available to all internet users in Canada and has more than one million subscribers. Bell Media announced that CraveTV’s performance helped drive its media division revenue up 3.5 per cent in the third quarter 2016.

One of the key considerations of this project was launching a premium offer in a short time period, whilst ensuring it would aggressively acquire market share from other services. Massive AXIS made this possible.

We integrated our platform with Bell Media’s custom video CMS, multiple DRM solutions, players, analytics and a variety of other systems. Our technical expertise, combined with our product’s ability to seamlessly integrate with third party vendor workflows created substantial efficiencies.

Working closely with the Bell product team, we also developed custom features such as ‘My Cravings’ which automatically adds the next episode available in the series you have been enjoying. Subscribers can also pause a program on one device, then resume at the same point on another.

Importantly, it is easy for Bell Media operators to add theme images and metadata to existing lists and feeds. In addition to this, sophisticated visual content programming tools allow Bell Media to manage targeted customer offers by subscription, device or time.

We continue to support Bell Media by introducing new product features and extending the service to additional devices.

Key Services

Business Analysis

Systems Integration

Experience Design

Software Engineering



iOS Tablet & Mobile
Android Tablet & Mobile
Chromecast (iOS and Android)
Samsung TVs
Windows 8.1 Tablet & Mobile


CraveTV is about watching, not searching. As a result, titles are curated in a minimalist, easy-to-navigate interface. Programming can be searched by title, new addition, or by a specific collection on a simple-to-use menu.