SKY is New Zealand’s premium provider of live sports, film and TV content. It has the largest subscriber base in the country and Massive has worked extensively with SKY for many years. Most recently we worked on the SKY GO mobile and tablet apps.

SKY GO lets you stream Sky TV on mobile devices and more. Massive consulted on both UX and visual design. We created a user experience that simplified the journey and elevated the content as ‘king’. The initial phase saw the implementation of live streaming of 10 channels.

We then seamlessly introduced additional features in a way that immediately made sense to the user. Two examples are the on-demand catalogue which made more content accessible than ever before, and the ‘watchlist’ which provides users with the ability to add titles to view later.

“Lovely smooth intuitive interface” — App store user

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Beautiful app, it is a breeze to use and nice on the eyes. Great job guys.

Google Play store user