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ANIMAX is SPT Networks global anime brand spanning over 60 million households across 17 countries, in 24 languages. This online streaming service offers the latest anime shows direct from Japan and some of the greatest anime TV boxsets and movies.

Massive was responsible for the rollout of Animax services across regions, languages and multiple devices. Sony powers their services with Massive AXIS and a customised ANIMAX branded user experience and design.

ANIMAX UK is an SVOD service with both free and paid content. It has been deployed on iOS and Android Mobile & Tablet, as well as PS3/PS4

The ANIMAX JAPAN service offers all free content and has been deployed in the Japanese language on PS3/PS4, PS Vita and PlayStation Vita TV.

With the Massive AXIS rules-based engine, ANIMAX is able to make connections between content from various sources, linking different directors, companies, genres most popular and recent content and seasons. This is important in reducing the ‘space’ between content, and sustaining consumer interest through personalised content lists and related titles.

We also enable ‘simulcasts’, which are free and paid broadcasts that are streamed online at the same time as on the network television. This is possible using Massive AXIS’s flexible playback management and DRM rules, which make it easy to run various integrated playback rules in tandem.

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