Sony Smart TVs

YouView is an internet TV service originally launched in the UK on a Humax set-top box. It combines the UK’s Freeview channels with on-demand content.

YouView engaged Massive to rebuild their existing application on Sony Smart TVs using Massive AXIS. This deployment involved significant technical challenges around performance, queuing/caching and merging of device and REST data.

By deploying YouView’s full UI on the Smart TVs, users have access to more than 17,000 films and TV shows. As well as looking forward through the guide, users can also sequence back through the EPG to gain direct access to on-demand content. This is made possible by deep links to the broadcaster application players.

“This isn’t just a straight port, YouView hasn’t been shoehorned in, it instead takes advantage of the Sony Bravia’s power to make it a little more distinct. The EPG on Sony TV’s has a translucency, sitting over the live channel you’re watching, rather than giving you a small cutout in the top right-hand corner previewing the channel.” |

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Sony Smart TVs


You’re no longer restricted to live watching or heading into the home menu, picking the app you want for catch-up, opening that and searching. It’s now seamless. Oh, and it’s really fast too.