Massive HbbTV success for Freeview

Massive HbbTV success for Freeview
7 June 2015 Massive

Massive HbbTV success for Freeview

By Max Ramsay | Chief Technology & Operating Officer at Massive.

Massive was thrilled to release FreeviewPlus for Freeview in New Zealand last week. FreeviewPlus has redefined the New Zealand broadcast space and showcases the technology and creativity that their entertainment industry is known for. We were honoured to work with Freeview to design, build and operate FreeviewPlus, which runs on all HbbTV capable set-top boxes and TVs. 

Massive has worked with HbbTV technology for many years on deployments around the world, including Australia’s award winning Freeview offering, and FreeviewPlus in New Zealand further underpins HbbTV as the firm future technology choice for broadcast. Massive is also very pleased to be positioned as the proven solution vendor for large-scale national HbbTV initiatives with numerous application and server side HbbTV application rollouts completed using our MSM, MDK, MUI and MVP technology. 

In this instance, Freeview mandated an application that offers access to TV without compromise or boundaries. It has been great to share responsibility for a simple proposition for New Zealand’s viewers, one where they are put first. It is also excellent to see FreeviewPlus competing on accessibility and breadth of content – there’s always something on and it’s easy to find it, or for it to find you.

Working with Freeview and all NZ broadcasters, Massive created a platform that allows New Zealand’s viewers to search across all broadcast and on demand content in a fast and compelling HbbTV user interface, delivered from Massive’s MVP hosted video platform.

The FreeviewPlus HbbTV application is built around Massive’s MDK product, and integrated against MSM; a cloud based video management solution, which offers Massive’s clients the opportunity to rapidly evolve their products in market. MSM manages all video data and controls their presentation in apps. In FreeviewPlus MSM manages all video data presented through the app for all networks, in addition to the EPG data that drives the schedule.  

HbbTV gives broadcasters the opportunity to bring dynamic apps to the market without the need to go through device certification – allowing them to keep apps fresh and updated by tactically and quickly publishing changes. MSM provides the tools to control the apps.

This exciting development is a strong showcase of what is possible when networks seriously consider how their audiences access entertainment using HbbTV technology. Naturally we’re very pleased with the outcome. We hope this work will ultimately increase customer expectations and general standards industry wide.