BBC Sport

BBC Sport

Live coverage is key to the success of BBC Sport’s digital products. It is the focus of their offering and the quality of this live coverage is a key differentiator between the BBC and its competitors.

Building on the success of the 2012 London Olympics, Massive was engaged to help the BBC Sports team define a new live proposition and experience across all screens. 

As part of the engagement, Massive deconstructed how sporting events play out for fans, including everything from the build-up and during the event with live text commentaries to live video, live radio, live scores, live stats and rolling social media feeds.

We designed a scalable event model that would work at a platform level to deliver a cohesive experience across all sports and all screens. It put users at the heart of events, enabling them to control how they want to watch events across all devices.

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LG’s webOS platform has won all the critics over for its simplicity, its style and its user-friendliness. This is a Smart TV platform that makes the most of Smart TV and it’s where the BBC Sport app works brilliantly.