Channel 5 Demand 5

Demand 5

Channel 5 launched as Britain’s fifth public service channel in March 1997. Demand 5 is a free catch-up service available across multiple platforms and devices. It delivers a huge range of Channel 5 content to millions of viewers every month, whenever and wherever they want.

Over the past four years, Massive AXIS has enabled Demand 5 to launch on more devices than any other commercial broadcaster in the UK. Channel 5 continues to expand its reach across devices including smart TVs, game consoles, set-top boxes and mobile devices.

Our technical experience has provided us the ability to address all of the target platforms including the Flash-based YouView STB and various other devices with constrained HTML environments – all in a cost-effective manner with low technical risk.

Key Services

Systems Integration

Experience Design

Software Engineering

Platform Operations


PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
Android Tablet & Mobile
Xbox One
Samsung Smart TVs
Sony Smart TVs
Panasonic Smart TVs
LG Smart TVs
Fire TV


We appointed Massive as our development services provider for the Demand 5 offering because they have one of the most highly regarded front-end engineering teams in the world and because of their unique experience across a range of connected devices.

James Tatam, Director of Digital Media & Commercial Development at Channel 5